Developing to Learn – For Fun

This may not be the right way – or even a good way – to write code, but I am learning as I go.

This blog is a place for me to share what I’m working on, things I’ve learned, and keep track of my development. I am learning to develop with C# scripting and Unity, primarily for hobbyist video game creation.

Or rather, I am developing to learn. With little formal training, I’m jumping right into it and learning as I do. Of course, I will supplement my doing with tutorials, reading, and online courses as time allows. But first and foremost I am interested in creating.

The real trick will be acknowledging my bad practices and not developing long term bad habits as I play with the code.
My first project is Zombie Swipe (working title) – a simple mobile game in which the player defends their fort against incoming zombies for infinite waves until they ultimately lose. I have no current plans on publishing it, just using it as a fun learning experience.

Zombie Swipe main menu screen.
Zombie Swipe main menu screen with placeholder icons.



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